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If you are a skier or haunt ski areas because of kids or grandkids you have

have seen these in motion, but not laying on the ground like this.

These are the chairs that will soon be attached to the lifts

to bring skiers to new heights of glory and fun.

It’s hard to believe that ski season will be here in

just a few months, especially when we are

enjoying (?) 100 degree days here in the Grand Valley.

I keep saying that we’ll look back on these days with longing

when the temps are colder and there just might be some of

that white stuff on the ground.  We don’t get much here in the valley

and it usually doesn’t stay unless we have one of those

dreaded inversions.  Then we have bad air, the snow stays, and

no one is happy.  Some people have even been known

to flee to warmer climes.

For now I’m enjoying being able to wear shorts and a

 tee shirt and feel young again.  That is until my

muscles tell me that I have neglected my walking

and I need to do it more regularly.

Those social engagements that start in the morning

and tend to go on.  Oh, how I hate them.  Ha ha.

It is people that keep me going, happy and feeling young.



Author: gjeneve

I live in beautiful western Colorado. I am close to my daughter and her family. I have loved working with fibers as long as I can remember. I come from a family of women who have always created with fiber. This is a great part of the country to visit and to live in. Try it sometime.

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