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I invited the 4 neighbor kids to come over and dye t-shirts.

What you see pictured at the top is a must for any dyeing project.

And  yes, it is benign iced tea.  Friday morning I

mixed up a new batch of 15 dyes.  Being careful, it took me awhile

to get that done.  Of course, I was out of urea water to mix the dyes

and also needed to mix up soda ash for soaking the shirts.

Another beautiful pic of me being careful.  I used to

laugh to myself about people wearing masks to mix the

dyes, but after someone told me about what was

in their nose after mixing dyes and not using the mask, I

changed my mind.

I had suggested that they bring their shirts over the night before

and then I would start soaking them before they got here.

This is what a couple of the kids brought over, 14 shirts

swirled and rubberbanded ready to go.

My computer has not been playing nice with the wireless router

so I have had a hard time posting anything new.  If

all works well, tomorrow will be stage 2  of the dye party.



Author: gjeneve

I live in beautiful western Colorado. I am close to my daughter and her family. I have loved working with fibers as long as I can remember. I come from a family of women who have always created with fiber. This is a great part of the country to visit and to live in. Try it sometime.

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