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Dinner with my daughter and her family.  She always sets such a beautiful table.  Now the girls are old enough to be a big help so I didn’t

even go over to help set the table.  One made the dressing and the other one peeled the potatoes.  The other grandparents were there also.

 We are all just one big family after all these years.  As usual, it was delicious and we all ate more than enough.  My cookies were a big success which

means that I’ll get to repeat the baking process before Christmas which will be a pleasure.  I don’t bake very often anymore.  My son is coming

out from Minneapolis to spend some time with us right before Christmas so I want to be sure to have some baked goods when he comes.

Unfortunately he has to work the 24th so will go back  on the 23rd.  Any time that he can spend out here is good so we don’t complain when

he has to go back early.  We’ll just have a Christmas with him while he is out here.

It is highly unlikely we’ll have a white Christmas down here in town.  It is not often that we have snow on the ground for

any length of time unless we have an inversion after a snowfall.  They did get some snow on top of the Grand Mesa this morning

which is good.  The ski area is scheduled to open the 13th and some natural snow would be good.  The girls have

been training at Aspen since Powderhorn isn’t open yet.  None of the open ski areas out here have much base.  There

is a lot of concern about the lack of precipitation this year.  Could mean for another wicked summer.  We’re

all hoping for lots of snow “in the mountains.”


seen on the wall at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Stratford, Canada.