How lucky we were to be able to spend a week here

in this cabin on China Lake in Maine.  The weather was hot but

the lake was cool and felt so refreshing.

This place belongs to my brother-in-law and he joined us

for part of the week.


Now, this is one of the best reasons to go to

the east coast,  LOBSTER  LUNCHES!!

As you can see, we left nothing for the fishes.  It was great.

We did this twice .  Each time we were lucky to

share a table in the shade with interesting people.

This is another fun part of eating lunch at a picnic table

at a lobster pound.  Often times these people are from other

parts of the country also and much interesting conversation can be had.

We left Maine and went to CT to see more of the in-laws.  Daughter-in-law

who lives in Germany right now was there with her little girl.

This was our first chance to see her in person.  Much better than Skyping

but Skyping is better than nothing.  Soon they will be heading

back to Germany and who knows when we’ll see them again.

We were also fortunate to spend a few hours with my niece and her

family in CT.  We don’t get to see them very often either.  Families can

be spread so far apart these days so when an opportunity arises

to see family, it must be grabbed.

It was a great 2 weeks being able to spend time with family

we don’t get to see very often.

Back home again to the weeds that had lots of fun

while I was gone.




Author: gjeneve

I live in beautiful western Colorado. I am close to my daughter and her family. I have loved working with fibers as long as I can remember. I come from a family of women who have always created with fiber. This is a great part of the country to visit and to live in. Try it sometime.

2 thoughts on “SUMMER IN MAINE

  1. Hi Gjeneve, Sounds like a great trip. My husband, David, is from Maine so I sent this on to him. It will bring back fond memories for him. After being back in East Grand Forks last week, I worked out my upcoming trips to see Mother and coordinate it with my sister and brothers. I will be up there Aug 6 – 9 and again Sept 26 -29. David and I will be spending Sept 25, Wednesday afternoon and over night in the Fergus Falls area, I have shared these dates with Marilyn and Sherry and hope that all nine of us gals and husbands would be available to join David and I somewhere in the Fergus area forlate afternoon/early evening dinner the 25th. Are you available? Will you and Sherry select a place? I will send this on to the others. These may be our last trips up north this fall so I hope to see everyone on the 25th. Will every one please let /Gjeneve or Sherry know if they can be with us..Hugs,Romelle


    • Romelle, The 25th is a good date for me. I have to go back to CO for a few weeks but plan to be back before that date. I’m hoping to get together with Sherry and Connie this week for lunch so we can talk about it then. Will be fun to see you and meet your husband. g

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